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Information For Distributors

A. 比较B2B Trade Portal 和 Search Engine

1. 搜索结果不用再花时间筛选。
2. 能有组织地集中提供专业的贸易买卖信息及相关产品图片。
3. 能提供专业买家的采购信息及买方的详细要求。
4. 能提供买卖双方详细的联系方式。
5. 能高效群发电邮给几十甚至上百个买家或卖家, 节省用户大量的宝贵时间。
6. 固定年费方式避免非客户点击造成的额外不合理费用。
7. 可控制的固定年费不会超出预算。
8. 贸易信息及产品图片在搜索结果页面出现的概率要高。
9. 由于以上优点, 贸易领域的供应商及买家将会更多地使用专业贸易搜索引擎。 进出口门户搜索网站
及其高级供应商会员(Diamond Supplier) 具有如 下特征:

1. 全球十大进出口门户搜索网站。
2. 世界增长最快的进出口门户搜索网站。
3. 是为外贸企业服务的, 专业的, 全球贸易搜索引擎英文网。
4. 美国最主要的进出口门户搜索网站, 占十分之一的欧美买方市场。
5. 使用方便, 搜索速度快, 信息真实可靠, 会员口碑优良, 网站品牌知名度在全球强势上升。
6. 目前注册的全球外贸供应商十万家, 专业买家五万家, 贸易信息超过十万条。会员数和信息发布量都在高速增长。
7. 产品价格合理, 是同类产品价格的几分之一。
8. 接受安全的”贝宝”人民币银行卡网上支付或人民币转帐。

B. Reasons for Using

  1. If you would like to grow USA & global market, we are a good fit for you. is a unique b2b trade portal for USA market and also international market. We help hundreds and thousands of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters on our website to find large-volume buyers from the United States and other countries. Just one of these buyers could dramatically increase your revenue or even turn your company around. Based on official 3rd party recent data:
  2. A. An estimated 10,000,000 visits with 100,000,000 pageviews from about 200 countries to by unique import & export business professionals every year.
  3. B. Around 50% of our professional users are from the United States. We have the highest percentage of users from the United States than any other major b2b trade portals. About 1,200,000 visits to by high-quality & large-volume professional buyers from the United States and other countries every year. This is extremely important for international brand name building and gaining access to United States market.
  4. C. ranks at the top 3 or on 1st page by Google for major keywords such as "b2b trade portal", "best USA trade portals", "trade portal", "trade leads portal", "trade portal websites", "b2b trade shows", "b2b trade", "b2b trade directory", "best trade portals" and other related keywords (people in China can view these keyword listings from Baidu ).
  5. D. is a quality website. Our "average user page views" and "average user time spent" are about the same or higher than other major b2b trade portals.
  6. E. is a leading United States b2b trade portal specialized in import export and international trade. This is extremely important for international brand name building and gaining access to United States market.
  7. F. We try our very best to achieve customer satisfaction and strive to meet and exceed the expectations from our customers.
  8. With the above unique features, more and more manufacturers and suppliers are choosing for marketing their products in the United States and to the global market.
  9. We provide following 3 packages of professional service to market your company and products in the United States and to the world:
  10. 1. Diamond Supplier: US$3,950/year. Our clients can purchase Diamond Supplier through Paypal on our website by using credit card or other methods of payment. For any questions, please contact:
  11. 2. Primary banner ads on top of our Home page to build up an International Brand Name for your product. Please click "Advertise with us" on our Home page to make payment on-line. If you are an annual advertiser, please contact:
  12. 3. A comprehensive marketing service package to enter your product into USA market and set up a Representative Office in the United States. If you're interested, please contact:
  13. Thank you and we look forward to serving your business needs.
  14. - a leading U.S. b2b trade portal for import export and international trade businesses
C. For Standard Suppliers

According to survey results, our paid Premium Suppliers are 7 to 10 times more likely than free members to attract attention and receive inquiries from buyers because your trade leads will be listed in priority before all other free trade leads and buyers usually contact suppliers with their trade leads listed in priority. Save time by making buyers contact you! We therefore suggest you consider upgrading to our Diamond Supplier. This is a superior way to find new and more customers, promote your company and products to the global market for 24/7/365 advertising, and achieve higher profit goals with great convenience and at a lower cost than normal advertising! We offer our valued customers quality products and competitive prices. Following are what we can do for our Premium Supplier Members:

1. Primary Promotion - Your trade leads and products will catch buyers?attention quickly!
Post up to 1,000 trade leads, and up to 15 product catalogs; Priority listings in buyers?search results of trade leads, product catalogs, company directories and category browsing; Receive email trade alerts for newly posted buying trade leads in your selected product categories. Save time by making buyers contact you!

2. Diamond Supplier Logo - To distinguish your company and products from your competitors!
Receive the Diamond Supplier logo for each of your trade leads and product catalogs to distinguish your company and products from your competitors on the world market. As a distinguished supplier on, you will get more confidence from buyers in your company and your products! Buyers will more likely contact you for business. Diamond Supplier Logo: 

3. Company Web Site - Impress your buyers and catch their special attention!
Get your company web site with your own domain name at and exquisitely display your company profile, product catalogs, trade leads and product pictures. The Diamond Supplier logo is also displayed on your company web site. To see a sample of your company website, please go to

4. Access Buyer Database - Search buyers?directory and send group inquiries to them!
Explore entire buyer database and buying trade leads; Get access to our fast-growing and genuine 50,000 highly targeted global buyers?contact info and save time by sending group email inquiries to buyers around the world.

We are confident that these unique benefits will enable your company, your posted product trade leads and catalogs attract substantial attention from potential buyers in our highly targeted global buyer community. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at - a leading global B2B trade portal that you can trust! Act today, and the earlier you act, the earlier you will be better positioned to grow and make more profits.

D. Diamond/Gold Supplier and Benefits

Benefits Diamond Supplier  
Keyword Promotion on MFGtrade
Keyword SEO on Google
Keyword Promotion on Google
Keyword Promotion on LinkedIn
Incoming Inquiries
Company show room
Outgoing Inquiries per day
Maximum trade leads posted
Maximum product catalogs posted
Choose your own domain supplier company web site
Premium Member logo
Priority listing for trade leads search result
Priority level for trade leads, product catalogs and company listings
Higher than "Gold Suppliers"
Your company logo posted on your company web site
Customer support level

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